ORDEN OGAN: il videoclip di “Masks”

Just back from their European tour with Luca Turilli‘s Rhapsody and Freedom Call, German Power Metallers ORDEN OGAN have released their brand new video clip, filmed for their song “Masks”. „Masks“ is based on motifs of Seeb Levermann‘s soundtrack for MASKS, the newest horror movie movie  of Andreas Marschall, who is also well-known for his amazing Metal cover artworks.
The enormous songwriting qualities that Seeb has displayed with ORDEN OGAN, perfectly merge  with Marschall’s possessive, dark pictures – a perfect match to form a mysterious nightmare trip.

Andreas Marschall states: “After Seeb’s contribution of the amazing soundtrack for my horror movie MASKS, it was just obvious to return the favor and do a clip for ORDEN OGAN. I think Seeb has exceeded himself with the “Masks” song: he took the great main theme of the movie (in the film this is sung by Crystal Viper’s Marta Gabriel) and turned it into a melodic Metal smasher that combines the horror atmosphere of MASKS with the modern, anthemic sound of ORDEN OGAN.”

Seeb comments: “Andreas Marschall’s cover artworks are an important part for us since the release of our debut “Vale” in 2008. Within the last few years we got to know each other better and better. Our appreciating for each other grew and so it became a logical thing that I, as a composer and fan of horror movies, would contribute the filmscore for Andreas’ “Masks” movie. Working with him was just awesome and a great experience. By working on the music for the film, the idea came up to create an ORDEN OGAN song with elements from it too. With Andreas as director of the video clip for “Masks”, filming it in the Apollo cinema in Arnsberg (Germany) was very exhausting but also incredibly productive and fun. Now seeing the result, I have to say that that I’m totally blown away. The clip turned out to be very artistic and maestro Marschall has outdone himself. Just killer!”

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