EQUILIBRIUM – nuovo EP in arrivo!

EQUILIBRIUM – announce new EP

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In August, German epic metal heroes EQUILIBRIUM will unleash their pagan fury once again – on their very first EP to date. Produced by guitarist René Berthiaume

in Helion Studios and mixed and mastered by the Resetti Brothers – namely Joerg Umbreit and Vincent Sorg – in their Principal Studios, »Waldschrein« encompasses

the brand-new title track and an acoustic version of the same song plus a re-recorded and extended version of `Der Sturm´ from »Turis Fratyr« (originally sung by

ex-vocalist Helge Stange, now by front man Robse Dahn). Moreover, it contains `Zwergenhammer´– a previously unreleased older song – as well as an amazing

cover version of famous video game “Skyrim”’s opening theme.

The band commented:

“We’re really looking forward to releasing this EP, because we all have to wait until next year for our next full-length album to be released. This makes it the perfect chance

to release some songs and recordings that didn’t make it on any regular album because they are so exclusive. The best thing yet is that with “Waldschrein” we can

Provide the fans with a little foretaste for what expects them in 2014!”


01. Waldschrein

02. Der Sturm

03. Zwergenhammer
04. Himmelsrand

05. Waldschrein (acoustic version)


Equip yourselves with plenty of ice-cold wheat beer, for »Waldschrein« is gonna bring you one hell of a hot summer!

„Waldschrein“ will be released August 16th via Nuclear Blast.


www.equilibrium-metal.net | www.facebook.com/equilibrium | www.nuclearblast.de/equilibrium

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