HATEBREED – disponibile il nuovo album „The Divinity Of Purpose“

HATEBREED – „The Divinity Of Purpose“ out now

Hardcore icons HATEBREED have just released their brand new masterpiece „The Divinity Of Purpose“  today.

See for yourself, the entire album is available for streaming at



The press also agrees:


“Solid piece of brutality! Lots of stuff for both moshers & headbangers!”
SPARK (CZ) | Jana Chrzova

“Back to the roots! Old school! Groovy!”
METALIZED (DK) | Sonni Sorensen

“HATEBREED have redefined the whole genre of hardcore metal with their new album! If you want a kick in your ass, this is IT!”
METAL HAMMER (ES) | Ana Velcev

“If I ever had to demolish a building, I would play this album at full volume!”

“Sets new standards for hardcore! Love it!”
SCREAM (NO) | Anders Oddsberg

“Perfection of sound and style!”
LORDS OF METAL (NL) | Ype Terwisscha van Scheltinga

“Another great album from epitome of metalcore! Anthems, big time riffing as well as ferocious gang shouts blend together into this album! The first exclamation mark in 2013 is set by HATEBREED!”
METAL HAMMER (GER) | Anzo Sadoni

“Killer sound with more thrash metal influences for quality and classic hardcore without compromises!”
METAL MANIAC (IT) | Ivan Gaudenzi

“Fucking powerful like a war machine! Killer! Breathless!”
METAL HAMMER (IT) | Barbara Volpi

“If you thought you heard everything about this band, you are completely wrong. On their latest studio album the pioneers of metalcore are going yet one step further, they manage to very subtly build a bridge between agression and brutality.”
ROCK TRIBUNE (B) | Robby Embrechts

Order your copy of the album now: http://bit.ly/Hatebreed-NB
Or get it via Itunes  (incl. booklet + bonus track): http://bit.ly/HBdivin
Also make sure to check out
the lyric video for “Put It To The Torch”: http://bit.ly/TMSmVa
the official “Put It To The Torch” music video: http://bit.ly/XN8Q5y
Jamey Jasta on the album artwork: http://bit.ly/XUatut
Jamey Jasta on the production: http://bit.ly/UhvI9X
Jamey Jasta on the album’s lyrics: http://bit.ly/WkgYot
the entire live stream chat with Jamey Jasta: http://bit.ly/UPCp25


www.hatebreed.com | www.facebook.com/hatebreed | www.nuclearblast.de/hatebreed

hatebreed - cover

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