REVAMP – copertina e titolo del nuovo album!

REVAMP – reveal album title and cover artwork

revamp cover

Today, Dutch metallers REVAMP are happy to present the title and cover artwork of their upcoming new album that’ll be released via Nuclear Blast on – mind the new release date – August 23rd, 2013!

The record will be entitled »Wild Card« – a title that, according to singer Floor Jansen, came about as follows: This album became the most aggressive album I’ve ever made and in the lyrics I tell a lot about my personal experiences of the last years. This resulted into some heavy stories and some openhearted ‘screams’ I needed out of my system. It matches the violence of the music in a great way, we wrote as a great team! But not one sentence or word can really cover the contents of this album. Its variety in all its ingredients makes it almost impossible. A wild card is an unpredictable and unforeseeable factor. You don’t know what you’re getting, or when. That’s this album! It’s 100% ReVamp and it’s your wild card!”

A concept that’s taken literally in the album artwork, as the power woman explains: “I am the queen of hearts on it, who is a wild card herself. You see a ‘nice’ and a ‘nasty’ queen. The nasty one has a cracked lip, cuts in her face and a bleeding heart in her hand. The other queen looks nice even though queens of hearts never truly are… Again, what is it you’re going to get? In that respect it visualizes the music, from aggressive and nasty to melodic and pretty. This theme has been important to me personally throughout my career and also in this album I played with it to the max. I used my voice in so many different ways now! The music invited me to do this, I am super proud of the amazing guitar riffs, the versatile and groovy but mega tight drums and the keyboard sounds and arrangements that bring something new to the table. We hope you like our wild card!”

Click here to watch a first album trailer, including video footage from the studio and a brand-new song snippet:

The artwork was created by Richard Stark of NI Concept and Design – | |

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