RIGHT TO THE VOID entrano in studio.

French extreme deathcore band Right To The Void entered MathLab Recording studio in Italy a few days ago to record their debut album “Kingdom Of Vanity” with producer Jonathan Mazzeo.

Straight after the album production/tracking the band will fly to Canada to mix and master the songs with devastating producer Christian Donaldson (The Agonist, Beneath The Massacre, Cryptopsy).

The record will feature the following tracks:

Like A Disease, Phoenix, World Decay, A BlackConclusion, War Of Glory, In Oblivion, Reborn From Ashes, Again And Again… Until The End, Kingdom Of Vanity, Stay, We Have Failed


it’s going to be an outstanding mixture of brutality and melody.

Wormholedeath will release the album world-wide through Aural Music Group and the

release date is due at the beginning of 2013 and still to be scheduled.


To check out some videos from the recordings please follow these links:









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