Spheric Universe Experience – nuovo album “The New Eve” 11 Settembre per Nightmare Records


September 11th via Nightmare Records

Artwork and Tracklisting Revealed 

SPHERIC UNIVERSE EXPERIENCE (S.U.E.) began in 1999 when guitarist Vince Benaim decided to create a progressive metal band with a few friends. In summer of 2004 S.U.E. signed a worldwide record deal with the French label Replica Records as well as an American licensing deal with Nightmare Records. In 2005 the band released their debut album Mental Torments
In 2007 S.U.E. released Anima, a strong follow up building on what they created and achieved with their debut Mental Torments. Like their previous album, those around the band helped them achieve their vision.
2007 and 2008 saw the band perform at two ProgPower festivals: ProgPower Scandinavia in 2007 and ProgPower USA in 2008.  Their shows captivated the audience expanding SPHERIC UNIVERSE EXPERIENCE‘s fan base while exposing them to more fans of the genre. While touring with UK progressive metallers Threshold, the band found time to write and record their third album entitled Unreal.  The album was released worldwide in May 2009.  Unreal saw the band expanding and strengthening their sound even more.  With Unreal the band added another notch to their belt of   spectacular sound of technical and melodic metal.

With their fourth offering The New Eve,  French progressive metallers SPHERIC UNIVERSE EXPERIENCE have succeeded where most  have failed; growing as a band musically and creatively from one album to the next.  With The New Eve the band take yet another huge step forward creating one of the most compelling melodic prog metal releases of 2012, bringing freshness again to the ever expanding genre.

The New Eve

1) Shut Up

2) The New Eve

3) Escape

4) Never Heal

5) Angel

6) The Day I Died

7) In This Place

8) Self Abuse

9) My Heart on The Cross

Mental Torments (2005)

Anima (2007)

Unreal (2009)

The New Eve (2012)

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