YOUTHQUAKE : la Death/Thrash band giapponese firma per Wormholedeath

YOUTHQUAKE signed with Wormholedeath.
Japanese Death / Thrash Master YOUTHQUAKE joined Wormholedeath Family. The band has over 22 years career. “Hide” (legendary guitarist of X-Japan) found their great potential and the band signed with Extacy Records owned by Yoshiki (X-Japan Drummer) 1994. The band has already released 10 studio recording albums and played over 200 gigs in Japan every year. YOUTHQUAKE has very high technical twin lead guitars, Solid rhythm section and great mixture of brutal sound and melancholic melody. Wormholedeath will release the latest album “Beyond The Void Of Black” in Europe
on December the 30th 2012 with digital download and release brand new album with physical CD and digital download next year.
Stay tuned !

Masa Kishimoto / Wormholedeath , Japan stated :
I have been worked with the band over 10 years as label and management. I feel very honor they signed world wide deal with Wormholedeath. and starting new collaboration with Wormholedeath .The band and me are looking forward to touring in Europe one day .

Wormholedeath’s A&R and label Manager “Worm” stated :
When we started our japanese division we were stocked with the great amount of feedback created by our label in Japan and now we reached our first goal: signing such an important band, that has such a big name and career in that country is something amazing. We were so proud to know that the band wanted to work with us. We will start promoting YOUTHQUAKE with their current album “Beyond The Void Of Black” in Europe to open doors to their upcoming release… A new album fully released by Wormholedeath and Wormholedeath Japan!!

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