JESSE DAMON: il suo solo album il 27 Settembre per AOR Heaven!

damon-cover-webSouthern California based rock musician Jesse Damon is rocking fans around the globe! The world renowned artist is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and is the front man for the popular melodic hard rock band Silent Rage. Silent Rage has released four critically acclaimed albums including the Simmons Records/ RCA Records release “Don’t Touch Me There.”

Jesse Damon’s story starts back in the glory days of the eighties. With his band Silent Rage, he’s best known for his extraordinary lead vocals and stellar guitar work on the MTV hit video “Rebel with a Cause.” During this time in his career, he formed a lifelong friendship with Gene Simmons of Kiss, even co-writing the song “Thou Shalt Not” from the Kiss album “Revenge” for which Jesse was presented a gold album award. The strength of the album and video led to the band opening for Black Sabbath on their North American tour.

Vocals and songwriting are his main strengths, along with his hard rocking guitar performances. Jesse’s first three solo albums are a mix of well crafted melodic rock songs and intense ballads.The musical pathway of Jesse Damon’s life has been influenced by some of the biggest artists in rock music including Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Foreigner, Y&T and Whitesnake, just to name a few.

Jesse returns in 2013 to deliver a brand new album called “Temptation in the Garden of Eve.” The CD will feature 11 brand new tracks laden with huge hooks and unforgettable choruses, all co-written by Jesse and acclaimed AOR melodic rocker Paul Sabu who also produced the album. The studio band features backing vocals by Paul Sabu, who also doubles as bass player on the release, along with musicians Eric Ragno on keyboards, and Pete Newdeck of Eden’s Curse on drums and backing vocals. Jesse has once again delivered big on all the new songs, adding to the legacy of his works.

To this day, Jesse is still on fire for his music and has a large and ever growing fan base, making “Temptation in The Garden of Eve” a highly anticipated release all around the world…

Tracklist: 01.Garden Of Eve 02.Black Widow 03.Save The World 04.I Need You Forever 05.Save Me 06.A Chance For Us 07.Let It Rock 08.Angel In The Starlight 09.Hold On 10.Little Angel 11.Wishing Well

Sound clips in advance:

JESSE DAMON – Black Widow (Edit)

JESSE DAMON – Garden Of Eve (Edit)

JESSE DAMON – I Need You Forever (Edit)


Jesse Damon – Vocals, Guitars
Paul Sabu – Bass
Eric Ragno – Keyboards
Pete Newdeck - Drums


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