KADAVAR – prima parte dei commenti track-by-track

KADAVAR – first part of track-by-track commentaries

Today, Berlin-based classic/psychedelic hard rock trio KADAVAR presents the first part of the track-by-track commentaries for its upcoming second studio album “Abra Kadavar”, to be released via Nuclear Blast on April 12.
Let vocalist/guitarist Lupus Lindemann, bassist Mammut and drummer Tiger provide you with background information on the album’s first four tracks:

01. –
Come Back Life

“On `Come Back Life´ we’ve tried to write similar melody lines for the vocals and guitar. After the song was done, I got the impression that someone had twiddled with out time machine and had sent us back to 1969!”  (Tiger)


02. – Doomsday Machine

“It’s both the second track on the album and the second song that was written for it, probably showcasing our trademark sound best. Between changes in tempo, single note riffs and guitar solos, the lyrical concept deals with destruction – inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s movie `Dr. Strangelove´.”(Lupus Lindemann)


03. – Eye Of The Storm

“After playing this six-minute piece, my fingers always glow like fireflies – a rough storm on the high seas! One of the songs that might be most fun to play live, due to it’s multifacetedness. Not a single second of rest for your ears, if you don’t want to miss one of the song’s great twists and turns!” (Mammut)


04. – Black Snake

“This song is about a friend of ours who’s been living in a small cave in the middle of Paris without water supply for about 10 years now. The cave is solely lighted by candles and filled with taxidermied animals and voodoo puppets – one for each of his ex-girlfriends. Try to recall a dark acid trip and multiply it by 10 – that’ll give you a rough idea…” (Lindemann)  



Stay tuned for the upcoming second track-by-track part!

In the meantime, check out “Doomsday Machine”, the first single of “Abra Kadavar”: http://youtu.be/L2SdzgPj3_o

“Abra Kadavar” will be available as a ltd. digi version incl. bonus track as well in different vinyl versions. Pre-order your copy here: www.smarturl.it/kadavabrakadav

Lupus Lindemann – vocals & guitar
Mammut – bass
Tiger – drums

http://on.fb.me/Puccjo | www.nuclearblast.de/kadavar


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