MELECHESH – cambio di line up!

MELECHESH – Update, line-up change!

melechesh logoMesopotamian black/thrash pioneers MELECHESH have announced being hard at work on preproductions for the band’s new album, the successor of critically acclaimed »The Epigenesis« (2010).

Furthermore the band parted ways with long time guitarist and close friend Moloch and drummer Xul. Moloch had officially been out of MELECHESH for 8 months prior as his role in the band was no longer active due to focussing on his academic career.

While it is still to be announce who will be filling the drumming position, Moloch will be replaced by new guitarist Sirius (find photo attached/below).

Ashmedi and bass player/backing vocalist Scorpiros will debut the new line up on the stage late fall early winter 2013 during the band’s upcoming gigs.

Commented mainman, guitarist and vocalst Ashmedi: “I talked to Moloch and asked him maybe it is better he is no longer a part of MELECHESH because we needed to have an active guitar player, he fully agreed and was thinking the exact same thing. He is one of my best friends but this has to do with MELECHESH and music – nothing else. In fact we will be hanging out soon in Jerusalem and catching up. He is always welcome to come jam or do a guest appearance – like I said, this man is one of the closest people to me personally. We are literally family, I wish the best of luck for his new and interesting Journey.

A couple of weeks ago I did what I was considering for a while: I asked Xul to leave. In the past I thought such things are impossible, but you know what, family , companies, governments, kingdoms – all go through changes. In a naive or a romantic way we all think change is not good in such cases, on the contrary it could be extremely vital of the longevity of music. What i am trying to say is, I made these decisions for the sole purpose of improving the music and preventing stagnation. I was not happy with the status quo, so i had to do something about it. I wish Xul the best of luck I am certain he enjoyed this ride which was a good learning experience for everyone, anyway I don’t worry about him as he plays in several other bands so it’s all good.

I am a very loyal person anyone with over two brain cells know this (the ones with one brain cells do not get it…) but my focus and priority is the well being and progress of MELECHESH.

I am working with several people, I am seeking people who are motivated, mroactive, creative and have a good personality. The guitar player is already chosen he is a very talented person – the next step is confirming the drummer. I’d like to Introduce a good friend of mine Aybars “Sirius” Altay on guitar, I have known him for a while, Aybars is one of the few people I can call a real artist, he brings a lot of energy to the band.

You can also some of Sirius’ work on the Hollywood movie »The Last Will And Testament of Rosalind Leigh« for which he did the entire soundtrack. | |

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