KADAVAR – seconda parte del track-by-track e annuncio delle date del tour

KADAVAR – second part of track-by-track commentaries / tour dates announced

Today, Berlin-based classic/psychedelic hard rock trio KADAVAR presents the second part of the track-by-track commentaries for its upcoming second studio album “Abra Kadavar”, to be released via Nuclear Blast on April 12.
Let vocalist/guitarist Lupus Lindemann
and drummer Tiger provide you with background information:

05. – Dust

“I came up with the idea for this song while strolling through Berlin, when I suddenly looked into the hollow eyes of a man who was loitering at a supermarket near our studio. He’s hanging around there with his friends every day, drowning his sorrow in alcohol. At this sight I was wondering what he was waiting for and if there were any prospects left for him – or if he just wanted to return to the dust he’d once emerged from…” (Lupus Lindemann)


06. – Fire

“Our first true love song. When the riff struck my mind, I first imagined the song to sound like an early STOOGES tune. However, once the track was finished, there was not much left of this.” (Tiger)


07. – Liquid Dream

“This song’s about the trips we experienced during the past year. It’s hard to find the right people for it, but once you’ve found them, one can leave this world and dive into more exciting and colorful spheres together – far away from the grey city.” (Lupus Lindemann)


08. – Rhythm For Endless Minds

“Krautrock is still a major influence for us. This track sounds different than a typical song of AMON DÜÜL or CAN, but then again, what’s typical Krautrock anyway?” (Tiger)


09. – Abra Kadabra

“That’s what it sounds like when we don’t plan in advance what to record. First the rhythms for bass and guitar emerged. Afterwards we set up guitars, percussion, synthesizers etc. and just got started!” (Tiger)



Experience the magic of KADAVAR’s soundscapes live on stage on one of the following occasions:

12.04. D Stuttgart – Keller Club
13.04. F Lyon – Stone Rising Festival
14.04. F Paris – La Maroquinerie
15.04. F Nantes – Le Ferrailleur
16.04. F Angers – Le Chabada Club
17.04. F Belfort – Impetus Festival
19.04. NL Tilburg – Roadburn Festival

26.04. UK London – Desertfest
D Berlin – Desertfest
30.04. E Barcelona – Razzmatazz 3

01.05. E Zaragoza – Rockinhouse
02.05. E Madrid – El Sol
E Gijon – Acapulco Centro
04.05. E San Sebastian – Cultural Larratxo

05.05. DK Copenhagen – Heavy Days In Doomtown
D Leipzig – UT Connewitz
08.05. D Dresden – Groovestation
09.05. D Bremen – Lila Eule
10.05. D Kiel – Pumpe
11.05. D Hamburg – Klubsen
12.05. D Düsseldorf – Stahlwerk
13.05. D Nürnberg – Zentralcafé
14.05. D Munich – Backstage
15.05. D Frankfurt – Das Bett
16.05. D Köln – Underground
17.05. B Brussels – Magasin 4
18.05. NL Rotterdam – Rotown
19.05. NL Nijmegen – Doornroosje
31.05. D Mannheim – Maifeld Derby

01.06. D Creuzburg/Eisenach – Fun Rock Festival
05.06. HR Zadar – Burning Sea Festival
D Ellerdorf – Wilwarin Festival
21.06. D St. Goarshausen – Metalfest Loreley

12.07. LT Anykščiai – Devilstone Fest
13.07. D Hannover – BootBooHook
N Trømsø – Bukta Festival
20.07. D Breitenbach – Burg Herzberg Festival

02.08. D Beelen – Krach am Bach
D Schierling – Labertal Festival
10.08. A Döbriach – Sauzipf Rocks Festival
17.08. D Plattenburg – Aquamaria Festival
24.08. P Moledo – Sonicblast

Also check out “Doomsday Machine”, the first single of “Abra Kadavar”: http://youtu.be/L2SdzgPj3_o

“Abra Kadavar” will be available as a ltd. digi version incl. bonus track as well in different vinyl versions. Pre-order your copy here: www.smarturl.it/kadavabrakadav

Lupus Lindemann – vocals & guitar
Mammut – bass
Tiger – drums

http://on.fb.me/Puccjo | www.nuclearblast.de/kadavar


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